February 2018

For The Culture

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My friends and I had the chance to view Black Panther – right here on the continent, with all the glory and splendor that came with seeing a BIG budget film, about Africans with superpowers, fighting the “bad” guys (more on that another time), at an African movie theater.  We jokingly discussed how if you were Toubab – you couldn’t sit with us in the theatre, as we needed to… Read More »For The Culture

We Came to Slay

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At any given moment, at any given time in the day, you can find Senegalese women and men dressed to kill. The colors often speak of the personality of the wearer or the mood that they might be in, in that particular moment or for the specific event at hand. Fashion is a HUGEEEE deal in Dakar. No other day other than on Fridays is this statement truer. Like most… Read More »We Came to Slay